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At Elenger our prices take into account the needs of our customers as well as different types of fuel and energy solutions. Our pricing considers both gas-gas and gas-oil competition and customers can choose to buy gas on the basis of a Price Formula or at a Fixed Price.

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Price Formula

Gas prices change monthly on the basis of variable components. These variables include global prices for competing fuels, the exchange rate and changes in European natural gas markets.

Our Price Formulas consider the quantity of gas sold, the type of supply, the consistency of consumption, security of supply and the payment terms.

Fixed Price

Fixed Pricing takes into account both the gas price and the price-fixing charges. Because the gas price is agreed upon for the duration of the contract, invoicing is easier and future costs are not the subject of guesswork.

Coming from its high calorific value and low carbon content, natural gas is an important alternative fuel for oil and coal in the world. Due to the high volumes of the gas, the price of natural gas is expected to remain stable in the long run.

Natural gas, which is mainly methane, is an environmental friendly source of energy that helps to reduce global carbon emissions and local air pollution. The combustion of natural gas does not result in emissions of sulphur oxide (SOx), which, combined with water, can form acid rain. It also causes 85% less nitric oxide (NOx), which, combined with water, can form corrosive acids, promote lung diseases, asthma, heart disease, and is a major component of the smog. Combustion of natural gas does not create fine particles such as soot or smoke from the burning of oil or wood, which is a significant health hazard and the deadliest type of air pollution.

As the transport of natural gas is performed mainly through pipes, it does not cause transport loads on cars or railways, and as a result, the amount of exhaust gases and noise in our living environment decreases.

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