Elenger lowers gas price for a third time in two months

Gas trader Elenger, which started selling natural gas to households when the gas market opened on May 1, is significantly reducing the gas price for households from July. This is the third time in two months that Elenger has reduced the price of natural gas, and compared to the beginning of May, the latest reduction in the gas price for household customers is 33%.

Dāvis Skulte

Dāvis Skulte 

 As of July 1, the price of natural gas Elenger offers to those households that have chosen the Flexible tariff plan and use gas for heating their homes, will be 0.03595 EUR/kWh (0.04550 EUR/kWh including VAT and excise tax), which is a reduction of 33% from the initial gas price of 0.05372 EUR/kWh, or 0.067 including VAT and excise tax.

“When we started offering natural gas to the household segment, we indicated from the outset that our gas price could change according to the market situation. Current gas price forecasts for the coming months allow us to react accordingly by reducing the gas price. Moreover, this is the third price cut since we launched operations in the household segment, and I am pleased that we can keep our promise to our customers. At the same time, every customer can evaluate the benefits of the newly opened gas market and choose the trader whose price offer suits their interests best. I would like to emphasize that when we started operating in the household segment, Elenger’s offer was the best on the market from the very beginning, and it remains so today, and I am pleased that the customers have appreciated it!” Dāvis Skulte, Chairman of the Board of Elenger Latvija, comments on the price cut.

Elenger’s share of the gas market in the Baltic and Finnish region grew to 17.5% last year and the company has grown to become the largest private energy enterprise in the Baltic and Finnish region. Elenger delivered five shiploads of gas to its customers last year and expects to deliver at least 14 shiploads of natural gas this year.

Elenger offers natural gas to customers in the form of pipeline gas, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The company is actively developing its renewable energy portfolio in the production and sale of solar energy and biomethane.

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