5 tips to save electricity at home

Saving electricity at home is not a myth, it is no secret and it is quite easy to do. But saving electricity depends solely on us. If you want to save money without too much effort and be energy efficient, then these tips are just what you need.


Disconnect passive electrical devices

Each of us can find a number of passive electrical appliances in our homes, i.e. electrical appliances that consume energy even when they are not in use. It can be a TV set, a computer, a home cinema system, any device that consumes electricity when not in use (for example, when you turn off the TV set, the small light bulb stays on). Most often we forget phone and computer chargers, which do their work without us noticing. It’s no secret – the more electrical appliances, the higher the power consumption. However, if you want to save, a very simple solution is to unplug electrical appliances that are not in use. When leaving home, make sure you disconnect the computer and the TV set, leaving empty sockets behind. In addition, if your home has extension cords with an on/off button – don’t forget to turn them off when not in use. If you are going on a trip and you have a boiler, then be sure to turn it off before you leave and your electricity bill will decrease. Passive electricity accounts for about 10% of total home electricity consumption per year.


Use sunlight

Sunlight is what gives energy not only in the early mornings, but also during the day. We recommend that you turn off the lighting in your home as much as possible and allow the sun to do its job. All you have to do is open the curtains, open the blinds and enjoy the action of the sunlight. Sunlight is not only a fantastic replacement for light bulbs – it improves health. When using electrically produced light, you do not get the vitamins that are obtained from sunlight. Following this advice can save you around € 30 a year (depending on the number of light bulbs in your home). Furthermore, if you own a private house – we recommend installing solar panels. It is not only beneficial, but also environmentally friendly.





Spend less time in the shower

Although this advice will be useful for each of us, it is especially true for people who have a boiler in their home. The use of a boiler often accounts for most of the electricity consumption in a home, so a large electricity bill is also noticeable. There is a simple solution to this – by reducing the consumption of hot water in the shower, you will also reduce the consumption of electricity. When using a shower or bath, turn on the water supply only when necessary. The less hot water flows, the less often the boiler has to work. The less often the boiler has to work, the lower your electricity consumption will be.




Reduce heat consumption in the kitchen 

Sometimes it takes several hours to prepare a proper meal using several kitchen appliances (microwave, electric oven, electric stove, cooker hood, etc.) at the same time. We recommend reducing this type of electricity consumption, for example, by using one ring on the hob to prepare a meal, or by switching on the cooker hood only when necessary. It may take a little longer to prepare the meal, but you will definitely be able to see how your home’s electricity consumption decreases, especially if you cook at home often and for several people.






Use LED bulbs

If you still use halogen bulbs in your home, then this advice is for you. Did you know that LED bulbs consume 75% less electricity than halogen bulbs? And LED bulbs last for much longer as well, they only need to be replaced once every several years. LED bulbs are a more environmentally friendly alternative to halogen bulbs and they can also make a positive difference to your electricity bill. We strongly recommend replacing all halogen bulbs in your home with new LED bulbs to save electricity. An additional bonus – LED bulbs are available in different shades of white, so you will be able to create the right atmosphere for your room with the help of LED bulbs, for example, by installing a warm white LED bulb in the bedroom night light, which will give a cosy feeling.

An even more modern solution is to turn your home into a smart home using light switches and automated heating control – these functions can be operated via the Internet with your smartphone.

Elenger is for a pleasant and energy efficient stay at home. Remember that not only your bills but also the environment depends on your actions. Electricity makes up a large part of a person’s total monthly costs and with these tips you will definitely see a change in your monthly electricity bill. Use this time wisely – consider all opportunities for savings. For a brighter, more comfortable and more profitable future!

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