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5 tips to save electricity at home

Saving electricity at home is not a myth, it is no secret and it is quite easy to do. But saving electricity depends solely on us. If you want to save money without too much effort and be energy efficient, then these tips are just what you need…

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Everything you need to know about using natural gas

Natural gas has many uses. With natural gas, you can keep your home warm all year round. It is an environmentally friendly alternative that will leave no odour or ash behind. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about natural gas in your home, …

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What is the MPC?

At the end of each month, customers receive a bill for the electricity consumed during a certain period of time. But what exactly does the monthly electricity payment consist of, what is the mandatory procurement component (MPC), …

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How does the electricity market work?

Like any product or service, the electricity that drives our daily lives has its own background story and the way it reaches the end consumer. Naturally, the achieved end result – the quality and price of the service depends on this way, its peculiarities and the processes involved. The main principles of operation of the electricity market depend on the demand, supply, ….

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