Elenger started the construction of first solar power plant in Latvia

Elenger´s solar power plant in Pärnu, Estonia 

“We will continue to diversify our energy portfolio and bring new solutions and megawatts to the market – in addition to the solar and biomethane plants already operating in Estonia, we will start the construction of solar plants in Latvia, the solar energy is the most predictable and accepted form of renewable energy by the community,” said Dāvis Skulte, Chairman of the Management Board of Elenger SIA.

“Nica is the sunniest place in Latvia, as the name also confirms. In addition to Nica, which we can also expand, if necessary, we have selected two more locations in Latvia for the development of solar plants,” said Skulte.

The Nica solar power plant with approximately 7 000 photovoltaic panels and almost 4-megawatt capacity will be completed in the spring of 2024. Generated green electricity will benefit consumers from Nica to Liepaja city and cover the electricity needs of about a thousand households. The investment of the solar plant reaches 2.7 million euros.

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