Electricity for home

Why choose Elenger?

Elenger offers to buy electricity on the exchange more cost-efficiently than the market leader. All Elenger electricity products are available without prepayment, without a monthly fee and without any hidden costs.

The tariff for the physical supply of electricity, that is the tariff of the distribution system set by the regulator, and the fees for mandatory procurement components (MPC) are included in one bill.

Virtually anyone can change traders and conclude an electricity trade contract.

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You must be an existing system user, or you must have become the facility owner/tenant (the owner has delegated the right to conclude a user contract in their own name), then you must perform a user change at the facility.

If you care about protecting nature and an environmentally friendly lifestyle, Elenger enables you to buy electricity from renewable energy sources, that is, green electricity.

Kāpēc izvēlēties Elenger?

Monthly fee calculator
Some electricity sellers propose stock packages, where stock margin is very cheap. But often clients do not notice that package includes a monthly fee. The calculator here allows you to recalculate the monthly fee into the stock margin and everyone can evaluate based on personal consumption is such monthly fee really cheap.
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All prices include VAT


Cheaper margin with the package of Elenger


per year

  • All packages are without prepayment and monthly fee
  • One invoice, one payment

We make a personal offer based on consumption data


We offer two types of electricity products – exchange and fixed price. There is no monthly service charge for the products.

Exchange price


  • A fixed trader’s mark-up is applied to the exchange price.
  • The exchange price is determined according to the Nord Pool Spot (NPS) price in the Latvian region, and it can change every hour.
  • The monthly service fee for the exchange price is 0 EUR.

The exchange price is often considered more advantageous than the fixed price, but the exchange price can go up or down, so you have to be prepared for both scenarios.

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Fixed price


  • By choosing a fixed price, the price of electricity remains the same throughout the contract, changes in the exchange price will not affect your bill, thus facilitating cost planning.
  • This tariff plan applies the price, which has been agreed in the contract, every hour for a 24-hour period. This product is best cases when most of the electricity is consumed during the day.
  • The monthly service fee for the fixed price is 0 EUR.

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Monthly weighted average prices in the Latvian region on the Nord Pool Spot (NPS) exchange

Useful to know

Elenger Universal Service Offer Terms
  • The electricity trading period is 12 months
  • The price is constant during the trading period
  • No early termination fee
  • At the end of the trading period, the price is set for the next 12 months
  • The invoice payment term is the 30th of the next month, the invoice payment late fee is 0.15% per day

The price of the universal offer is sent individually, taking into account the start date of the trading period.

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What to do if the electricity distribution system user's contract belongs to someone else?

There are three choices:

  • The owner of the distribution network contract may conclude an electricity trade contract with a trader chosen by you.
  • Ask the owner of the distribution network contract to delegate you the right to conclude an electricity trade contract.
  • Rewrite the distribution network contract in your own name, concluding a new electricity trade contract.
What is included in the fixed price?

A fixed price provides a fixed price for electricity for a period of 1–2 years. Changes in the market price will not affect your contract and the price per kWh will remain the same every month for the entire period specified in the contract. The price is calculated based on the hourly electricity consumption.

What is the exchange price?

Electricity contracts with an exchange price are open, without a deadline. The price per kWh changes according to the prices of the specific consumption hour on the NPS exchange. So it is possible to save extra by adjusting consumption, knowing the NPS exchange prices every hour of the next day.

Why Elenger?

Elenger’s parent company Eesti Gaas has been trading in electricity since 2013, when the electricity market was opened to all companies in Estonia. We have both experience and knowledge. We are able to offer competitive prices compared to market leaders. Elenger entered the Latvian electricity market in 2018. From 1 January 2020, Elenger’s electricity portfolio balance manager is Scener OU. We offer electricity not only to our natural gas customers, but to all open market participants – households and companies.

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How to apply for an electricity contract?

The electricity contract normally enters into force on the first day of the month and must be concluded by the 15th of the previous month at the latest, unless a new system user contract (customer change at the facility) is concluded, which allows the new electricity contract to start at the same time as the new system user contract. Electricity contracts can be concluded by anyone on whose behalf the system user contract has been concluded.

The easiest way to apply for an electricity contract is to ask for an offer.

How can Elenger trade electricity?

Elenger purchases electricity from the Nord Pool Spot exchange and sells it to customers at a mark-up in the same way as all market participants.

How to change your electricity service provider?

Sign a new electricity contract with Elenger by the 15th of the month, and you will receive electricity services from Elenger from the 1st of the following month. Elenger will inform the system operator and the only thing the customer needs to do is to sign the contract.


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