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From May 1st the Latvian household gas market is fully liberated. Elenger is most happy to offer gas on favourable terms to all home heating consumers.

Instead of the tariff dictated by the gas monopoly, we offer modern price packages, so that each customer can choose the most suitable one.

Very soon we will open our e-service portal where you can see your personal offer based on your gas consumption. You can conveniently sign the contract there and start enjoying cheaper gas.

Until then please leave your contacts if you are interested in receiving our offer and we will get back to you in due time.

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Flexible package

Best offer on the market for house heating!

  • Price is based on gas stock exchange 
  • Price can change depending on gas market changes   
  • New price is published at least 30 days in advance on Elenger website
  • Contract period: termless
  • No fee for contract termination
  • Individual price depends on consumption level

Flexible package suits you best if you want to have your gas price aligned with the market on a continuous basis, yet not bounce along with every twist and turn of the market price. We review the flexible package price monthly and adjust it if market forecasts and trends insist.

Our price offer to you depends on your gas consumption level. Bigger consumption means lower price. Get your personal quote and sign the contract conveniently in our e-service portal!

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Fixed package

Secure yourself a 25% cheaper house heating for the next winter!

  • Fixed price for the entire contract period
  • Contract period: 12 months
  • Premature termination of the contract is possible with a contractual fee
  • Individual price depends on consumption level

Fixed package suits you best if you prefer stability and the currently offered fixed price level is comfortable enough for you.

With the comfortable enough price, you can enjoy your gain should the market price go up but at the same time you avoid major regrets in case the market price should go down.

Our price offer to you depends on your gas consumption level. Bigger consumption means lower price. Get your personal quote and sign the contract conveniently in our e-service portal!

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How to conclude a gas sales agreement?

New customer with prior gas network agreement:

  • Choose Elenger as new supplier by the 15th of the month. To conclude a gas sales agreement enter to Elenger e-service.
  • Elenger will inform the distribution system operator of the new choice.
  • Old agreement will be terminated by the end of the month.
  • New agreement will be activated on the 1st of next month.

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New customer without prior gas network agreement:

  • Choose supplier.
  • Activation of agreement same day as network agreement.
  • Elenger will inform distribution system operator.

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Why choose Elenger?

1. Our gas is clean – it comes from the west, with tankers. We bring LNG directly from the source, our main partner is Equinor from Norway. Last year we bought 5 shiploads of LNG of Norwegian and US origin for our customers, this year we will bring at least 10 cargoes.

2. We guarantee a 100% supply security. Elenger is the only gas seller in our region who has secured capacity in both LNG terminals – Klaipeda in Lithuania and Inkoo in Finland.

3. Elenger is the biggest private energy company in our region, we have 15% share on the Finnish-Baltic gas market. Our total sales portfolio is at par with the total gas consumption of Latvia.

4. Bigger sales volumes mean stronger position in negotiations with LNG suppliers and eventually better terms for our customers.

5. We have been selling gas to Latvian business consumers for over five years. Several large district heating companies as well as industries have trusted their gas supply to us. So can you!

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What changes when you choose a new supplier?


Useful to know

How to conclude a gas sales contract?

The owner of the network contract can contact our customer support team by writing an e-mail to klietniem@elenger.lv  for additional information on signing a natural gas trade contract. A faster and easier way is to conclude a gas contract in our e-service. The contract must be signed no later than on the 15th day of the month preceding the month in which the new natural gas trade contract begins. The owner no longer needs to take any further action; Elenger will inform the distribution system operator of the change of trader and take all necessary actions.

In the case of a new network contract, the natural gas trade contract may be initiated at another time. The natural gas trade contract will enter into force at the same time as the new network contract.

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How to provide a gas meter reading?

If a smart meter is not installed at the place of gas consumption, the gas meter reading must be provided as an integer, rounded up, in the last 5 days of each month. The user’s name and address must be provided when submitting the gas meter reading. It can be submitted:

What are the general terms of the contract?

Before concluding the contract, get acquainted with the general terms and conditions of natural gas trade. The general terms and conditions are an essential part of the contract.

How to join the gas supply network?

Connection to the gas network means building a connection from the land plot boundary. In addition, it is necessary to create a gas supply system on the land plot and in the building and install gas equipment, then you can start using gas.

If your property does not have a gas supply, you need to find out the nearest available gas pipeline and in which gas supply area your property is located.

You can use the information and instructions compiled by the system operator Gaso HERE.

What should you kow about switching users in a gasified facility?

To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and unexpected changes in ownership / use rights, please note the following:

1. The former owner / user and the new owner / user of the real estate (gas) shall record the actual reading of the gas meter;
2. At the time of transfer – acceptance of the real estate, both parties must complete and sign the Commercial Accounting Record Fixation Act.
3. The former owner / user shall submit a read-out statement to his Merchant for termination of the gas trade agreement and receipt of payment for the services;
4. The new owner / user must enter into a gas sales contract with the Trader of his choice with a readout deed.

Information about Universal tarrif

Conditions of Elenger Universal tariff:

  • Contract period is __ months
  • During the contract period price won’t change
  • No early termination fee
  • After contract period, new price is applied for next __ months
  • Payment terms is next month 30th date, late paymment interest rate 0.15% per day

Universal price would be priced individually and send by request, taking in to account agreement start date.

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